Saturday, January 8, 2011

Advertorial - Blood Sugar Monitoring System

Optium Xceed™ Diabetes Monitoring System is an important blood glucose monitoring tool that can help you better manage your diabetes.

We recommend Optium Xceed™ for people who test frequently or require extra reassurance.

Simple Advantages

  • Simple 2-Step Testing : Insert strip, add blood and test begins
  • Simple Icon-Driven Menu : Reduces communication barriers
  • Simple-to-Use Buttons : Easy setup and result review—with ability to scroll back and forth
  • Simple Auto Calibration : Simply insert calibrator with SmartChip Technology into strip port
  • NOW with NEW, IMPROVED Test Strip! : Glucose: Fast 5-second test time and small 0.6 microliter sample site


  1. Blood glucose and blood ketone testing
  2. Compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed
  3. Large, clear display with backlight
  4. Test on areas other than your fingertip*
  5. Small blood sample (only 0.6µL)
  6. Uses TrueMeasure™ Technology
  7. Memory holds 450 test results; displayed averages 7, 14, 30 days
  8. Very fast test time (5 seconds)
  9. Upload results to your PC with Precision Link Direct V2.6
  10. Lifetime Warranty with free once a year battery replacement
  11. Uses Optium™ Blood Glucose test strips and Optium Blood Ketone test strips

CLICK HERE for the full interactive product tour. This is an Australian presentation; product features may vary.

Price quoted is subject to change without notice. The SPECIAL OFFER is valid until January 15, 2011 and subject to goods remaining unsold.

Consumables available at our pharmacies: Optium™ Blood Glucose test strips, sterile disposable lancets, and sterile disposable alcohol swabs.

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