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1. If walking/cycling is good for your health, the postman would be immortal.

2. A whale swims all day, only eats fish, drinks water and is fat.

3. A rabbit runs and hops and only lives 15 years.

4. A tortoise doesn't run, does nothing ..yet lives for 450 years.



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“Good Night. Sleep Tight. Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite."

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Bedbugs are making a comeback around the world.

One of the reasons often cited for the rise in bed bugs is the presence of millions of guest and non-guest workers in our country and also the increased amount of travelling that we undertake - and the bugs hitch a ride in our luggage. Lack of awareness and precautions and changing pest control products and methods were also responsible for the rise. Some scientists also suggest the insects are becoming resistant to pesticides.

Bed bugs are easy to spot: you don't need a magnifying glass or sophisticated detection equipment, just the naked eye. They are wingless insects, about the same size and colour as an apple seed.

Bedbugs feed on human blood, but do not usually carry diseases. However, some people have allergies to them. The rice-sized bugs give a nasty bite, which can lead to infection. The skin around the bitten area usually becomes swollen and gets extremely itchy. They are most active in the early hours of the morning.

Bedbugs may hide in places such as in and around the bed, in crevices behind chair and couch cushions, and in the folds of curtains because these are also near their food supply: living humans..

Suggestions To Prevent Bedbugs At Home:

  • If you're accepting secondhand furniture, carefully inspect it for bedbugs before bringing it home.
  • Encase box springs and mattresses in protective covers. Inspect the covers often to look for holes.
  • Clean up clutter in your home to give bedbugs fewer hiding spots.
  • When coming home from a trip, unpack your suitcase straight into the washing machine. Also inspect luggage.
  • When in a hotel, keep suitcases on luggage racks rather than the floor. Inspect the room for bedbugs, which are brown, oval-shaped, and 1/4 inch to 3/8 inches long.
CLICK HERE for more on bedbugs.

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Antidepressant and Cholesterol-lowering Medication May Raise Blood Sugar

The lipid-lowering agent pravastatin (eg Pravachol, Apo-Pravastatin) and the antidepressant paroxetine (eg Paxil, Seroxat CR, Apo-Paroxetine) are among the most widely prescribed drugs in the world. Unexpected interactions between them could have important public health implications.

If you are currently taking both pravastatin and paroxetine, you should be interested to know that a new study finds these two drugs taken in combination appear to significantly raise blood sugar levels.

The increase is most apparent -- and concerning -- among diabetics, whose blood sugar is already too high, the researchers noted.

Neither drug alone raises blood sugar, and the researchers said they can't yet explain the effect of the combination. Combinations of other antidepressants and cholesterol-lowering drugs do not boost glucose levels, it is not a ‘class effect’.

The researchers mined the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) Adverse Event Reporting System (AERS) for side-effect profiles involving glucose homeostasis and found a surprisingly strong signal for comedication with pravastatin and paroxetine. They identified 135 non-diabetic patients taking both drugs whose blood sugar increased 19 milligrams per deciliter (1.0 millimole per liter) after starting treatment. They also identified 104 diabetics whose blood sugar increased an average of 48 mg/dl (2. 7 mmol/l) while taking both drugs.

If you are currently taking both pravastatin and paroxetine, it would be reasonable to visit your doctor soon and see if your glucose levels have been difficult to control.

"If it has been, then I would think the thing to change might be the statin," said Dr. Ronald B. Goldberg., professor of medicine at the Diabetes Research Institute of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine,

"People with diabetes have an increased risk of depression; they are all recommended to be on statins," Goldberg said. "So, it may aggravate blood sugar control in people who are diabetic."

Goldberg thinks it's too early to change clinical practice based on this study alone. "This needs to be confirmed in a clinical trial," he said.

1. N P Tatonetti, J C Denny, S N Murphy, G H Fernald, G Krishnan, V Castro, P Yue, P S Tsau, I Kohane, D M Roden, R B Altman. Detecting Drug Interactions From Adverse-Event Reports: Interaction Between Paroxetine and Pravastatin Increases Blood Glucose Levels. Clin Pharmacol Ther advance online publication, May 25, 2011; doi:10.1038/clpt.2011.83
2. MSN Health
3. People with blood sugar levels of 126 mg/dl (7.0 mmol/l) or higher on two tests are considered diabetic. Levels of 100 mg/dl to 125 mg/dl (5.5 mmol/l to 6.94 mmol/l) are considered pre-diabetic

Zestz for LAUGHS : Curiosity Gets The Priest

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"Sure, but I have to tell you, father, there's a statue of a naked woman in it and she?s wearing only a fig leaf."

"No problem, I'll just avert my eyes, then," Said the priest.

The bartender then shows the priest to the far side of the bar where the bathroom is located. After a short while, the priest comes out of the bathroom and the bar crowd pauses only long enough to give him a rousing cheer. Perplexed he goes over to the bartender and asks, I'm puzzled. Why did they cheer for me as I came out of the bathroom just now?"

"Well, father, it's because your curiosity has made you human and likeable, just like us," said the bartender. "May I pour you a drink?"

"No thanks you, but, I'm still puzzled," said the priest.

"You see, father," chuckles the bartender, "every time somebody moves the fig leaf on the naked woman statue, the bar lights go off. Now, what do you say to that drink?"

Got this from JGG via TPKC, original author unknown.

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Why iPAD Cannot Replace Your Morning Paper

After a good laugh and you still want an iPAD for your morning news, BioLiFE is having a 21st Birthday Celebration contest where they are giving away a brand new iPAD to a winner everyweek for 10 consequetive weeks from May-July 2011.

Drop in to see how you can easily qualify to take part in the contest for the weekly draws.

BiO-LiFE 21st Birthday Celebration Offer

Drop in at our pharmacies for entry forms and details

Hospice Klang Charity Treasure Hunt 2011

Join the HUNT! Drive for CHARITY! Help RAISE FUNDS!
Donate Funds, Prizes!
Your SUPPORT is needed & vital for us to carry on our work

Date : June 12, 2011, Sunday

Venue : Around Klang Town

Entry Fees: RM85.00 per participant (incl. High-Tea)

Inquiry/Information: Call "Mdm Hong", Tel: 0162741178, 33244740

Hospice Klang shall be organizing a "Charity Treasure Hunt" on June 12, 2011. The hunt will take place around Klang District. It is a one day affair, starting at 8 am. in the morning and finishing in the afternoon.

The objectives of our "Charity Treasure Hunt 2011 are,

  • To create awareness of the FREE palliative care services provided by Hospice Klang. (Home Visits daily to provide care on week days, Day care in our centre on Saturdays, Loan of equipment, beds and wheel-chairs, and for the needy when possible we also supply free diapers, medical supplies and medications)
  • To seek for committed volunteers (medical & non-medical)
  • To raise funds to enhance the services of Hospice Klang
  • To raise funds to build a new service centre
As you may know, Hospice Klang was established in 1995 to help care for the cancer patients with terminal disease. Our Mission is to provide physical and emotional support for these patients in their last days. Total palliative care (home visit, day care, loan of beds, etc) is carried out by a team of committed volunteers (doctors, nurses and lay persons). All services are provided FREE to patients. Hospice Klang is non governmental and depends on public donations to fund its services.

We are appealing for your support to help us continue our work and expand our services. We seek your help to make this event a success. Donations in any form are welcome and appreciated (*a list of donation options is attached).

We hope you will take this opportunity to help.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Dr Michael Yoong

Chairman, Hospice Klang

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Periodontitis - Do You Know It If You Have It?

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Warning Signs of Periodontitis :

  • Red, swollen or tender gums or other pain in your mouth
  • Bleeding while brushing, flossing, or eating hard food
  • Gums that are receding or pulling away from the teeth, causing the teeth to look longer than before
  • Loose or separating teeth
  • Pus between your gums and teeth
  • Sores in your mouth
  • Persistent bad breath
  • A change in the way your teeth fit together when you bite
  • A change in the fit of partial dentures

Periodontitis produces high inflammation levels and has been linked to Heart Disease, Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Prostatitis.

Periodontitis or gum disease is caused by plaque accumulation on the teeth and around the gums. This plaque build-up will eventually harden, in as little as two to three days time, and remain on the teeth and around one’s gum line.

Periodontitis is often silent, meaning symptoms may not appear until an advanced stage of the disease. This is when bacteria in the plaque causes the gums to become inflamed, to swell, to become sore or tender, and when gingivitis sets in, one’s teeth can bleed when touched or brushed.

The American Academy of Periodontology's risk assessment test will help you see if you are at risk for having or developing periodonttits (gum disease). Millions of people don't know they have this serious infection that can lead to tooth loss if not treated.

Proper and Consistent Oral Hygiene

Prevention of gingivitis and periodontitis is based primarily on plaque and calculus control around the teeth.

Correct tooth brushing, mouth cleansing, and flossing should be everyone's defense against periodontal disease.

The use of dental floss, either waxed or unwaxed, is critical in cleaning between the teeth where the toothbrush bristles cannot reach.

There is no scientific evidence to support the superiority of any of the techniques (or styles) of toothbrushing. However, some toothbrushing techniques (for example, horizontal scrubbing can result in abrasion or systemic bacteraemia) and too frequent brushing leads to gingival recession).

The most common form of professional preventive care for gingivitis and periodontitis is scaling and polishing of teeth in a dental office. See your dentist at least once a year.

CLICK HERE for more information on the prevention of periodontal disease.

While plaque is the primary cause of periodontal disease, the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) says that other factors are thought to increase the risk, severity and speed of gum disease development. These can include:

  • Tobacco use — one of the most significant risk factors associated with the development of periodontitis. People who smoke are seven times more likely to get periodontitis than nonsmokers, and smoking can lower the chances of success of some treatments.
  • Hormonal changes — may make gums more sensitive and make it easier for gingivitis to develop.
  • Stress — may make it difficult for the body's immune system to fight off infection.
  • Medications — can affect oral health because they lessen the flow of saliva, which has a protective effect on teeth and gums. Some drugs, such as the anticonvulsant medication diphenylhydantoin and the anti-angina drug nifedipine, can cause abnormal growth of gum tissue.
  • Poor nutrition — may make it difficult for the immune system to fight off infection, especially if the diet is low in important nutrients. Additionally, the bacteria that cause periodontal disease thrive in acidic environments. Eating sugars and other foods that increase the acidity in the mouth increases bacterial counts.
  • Illnesses — may affect the condition of your gums. This includes diseases such as cancer or AIDS that interfere with the immune system.
  • Clenching and grinding teeth — may put excess force on the supporting tissues of the teeth and could speed up the rate at which these tissues are destroyed.
CLICK HERE for All 11 Periodontitis Treatment Clinics in Malaysia

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Want Lasting Love?

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It's Not More Commitment, but Equal Commitment That Matters

It stands to reason that a well-loved child can become a loving adult. But what prepares us to make a strong commitment and work out differences with an intimate partner? And what happens when one person is more committed than the other?

Six researchers—M. Minda Oriña of St. Olaf College; W. Andrew Collins, Jeffry A. Simpson, Jessica E. Salvatore, and John S. Kim of the University of Minnesota and Katherine C. Haydon of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign—used the rich mine of data in the Minnesota Longitudinal Study of Risk and Adaptation (MLSRA), coupled with a lab procedure, to look for the answers.

Their findings, which will be published in the June issue of Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, suggest that supportive, involved mothering in toddlerhood and an ability to work through conflict in adolescence are good predictors of becoming the “strong link”—the person with the bigger stake—in adult relationships. If the opposite happened in earlier life, chances are the person will be the “weak link”—the one with one foot out the door.

Equally important, though, is what these predictors don’t account for: It’s good to be prepared for love. But it takes two to tango.

Interestingly, it’s not the partners’ individual commitments that make the most difference in the grace and longevity of the dance. It’s how well their levels of commitment match up. Two strong links will be benevolent and tolerant when the going gets rough. Two weak links may be lax about working things out, but their expectations are equally low—so there’s less friction.

But when a weak link and a strong link pair up, the one with less investment has more influence—and stability is the loser.

The researchers recruited 78 MLSRA participants, 20 or 21 years old, and their heterosexual romantic partners. A questionnaire assessing each participant’s level of commitment was analyzed alongside data from two earlier points in the longitudinal study. First, two-year-olds were observed doing a difficult task while their mothers looked on. Did their mother laugh, help, or ignore the child? Second, at 16, the subjects recounted dealing with a conflict with a best friend, and were assessed for relational attitudes and skills.

This time, each couple discussed—and tried to resolve—the problem that caused them the most conflict. Then they talked about the things they agreed on most. Their videotaped interactions were rated for the amount of hostility—coldness, rejection, and remorseless injury—and hopelessness about the relationship that each partner displayed, and how each tried to quell those in the other.

As expected, the couples with disparate commitments were the most hostile.

The study contributes to our understanding of how we learn to love well. When you’re a baby or a teenager, “you are learning to manage your own needs and those of the people you care about,” Oriña says. “You learn: Can I come forward with a problem? What can I expect of the other person? And how can I do this in a way that everyone wins?”

Source: Press Release of May 18, 2011 by the Association for Psychological Science
For a copy of the article "Developmental and Dyadic Perspectives on Commitment in Adult Romantic Relationships" and access to other APS journal
Psychological Science research findings, please contact Divya Menon at dmenon@psychologicalscience.org.

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Zestz for LAUGHS - One Liners

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Forwarded by Edwin of Klang, orginal author(s) unknown, maybe it's one or all of these four gentlemen.

My neighbour knocked on my door at 2:30am this morning, can you believe that 2:30am?! Luckily for him I was still up playing my Bagpipes.

I sat on the train this morning opposite a stunning Thai girl. I kept thinking to myself, please don't get an erection, please don't get an erection...but she did.

The Grim Reaper came for me last night, and I beat him off with a vacuum cleaner. F*ck me, talk about Dyson with death.

Did you hear about the fat alcoholic transvestite? All he wanted to do was eat, drink and be Mary.

Two friends are fishing near a bridge. Suddenly a hearse and two funeral limousines go over the bridge so one of the men stands up, takes off his cap and bows his head. When the cars have gone he puts his cap back on, sits back down and carries on fishing. His mate turns to him and says, "Dave, that's one of the nicest most respectful things I've ever seen." Dave replies, "Well we were married for nearly 20 years."

Paddy says "Mick, I'm thinking of buying a Labrador." "F*ck that" says Mick, "have you seen how many of their owners go blind"

Man calls 999 and says "I think my wife is dead." The operator says, "How do you know?" He says "The sex is the same but the ironing is building up!"

I was in bed with a blind girl last night and she said that I had the biggest p*nis she had ever laid her hands on. I said "You're pulling my leg"

I've just had a letter back from Screwfix. They said they regretted to inform me that they're not actually a dating agency.

A man walks into a pub in the bush and orders a white wine spritzer. The bar goes silent as everyone stares at him... "Where are you from? You sound English." "I'm from across the Severn," replies the man nervously. "What do you do, just across the Severn?" "I'm a taxidermist." "What on earth is one of those?" "I mount animals." "Its alright boys," shouts the barman “he's one of us.”

Spent £40 on eBay last week for a p*nis enlarger. Just opened it and some bastard's sent me a magnifying glass!

I saw a poor old lady fall over today on the ice!! At least I presume she was poor - she only had £1.20 in her purse.

My girlfriend thinks that I
'm a stalker. Well, she's not exactly my girlfriend yet.

I woke up last night to find the ghost of Gloria Gaynor standing at the foot of my bed. At first I was afraid.......then I was petrified.

What's the difference between Iron Man and Iron Woman? One's a superhero and the other is an instruction.

An old lady is being examined by the Doctor. He asks, “Have you ever been bedridden?” She says, “Yes, I have and I've been table ended and backskuttled a few times too!

Went for my routine check up today and everything seemed to be going fine until he stuck his index finger up my arse! Do you think I should change dentists?

A wife says to her husband, “You're always pushing me around and talking behind my back.” He says, “What do you expect? You're in a wheel chair.”

I was explaining to my wife last night that when you die you get reincarnated but must come back as a different creature. She said, “I would like to come back as a cow.” I said. “You’re obviously not f--k--g listening.”

Under new E.U. law the word "gypo" is no longer politically correct. They have to be called (caravan utilising nomadic travelers) or C.*.N.T.S. for short.

Doctors have just identified a food that can cause grief and suffering years after it's been eaten. It's called a wedding cake.

I was in the pub with my wife last night and I said, “I love you.” She said, “Is that you or the beer talking?” I replied, "It's me talking to the beer."

The wife has been missing a week now. Police said to prepare for the worst. So I have been to the charity shop to get all her clothes back.

Hi mate, donwan u 2 panic but I m texting u from d casulaty. Turn out the new Dyson Ball Cleaner isn't what i thot it was.

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Is My Memory Loss Normal?

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When forgetfulness isn't just a sign of getting older

Everyone forgets things now and then, and remembering everything naturally becomes more difficult as you get older.

But certain types of memory loss may indicate something much more serious. The American Academy of Family Physicians says the following warning signs should not be ignored:

  • Suddenly forgetting things much more frequently than you once did.
  • Having difficulty remembering tasks you have performed many times.
  • Having trouble learning how to do new things.
  • Telling the same stories or saying the same phrases repeatedly in a conversation.
  • Having problems dealing with money or making decisions.
  • Having difficulty keeping track of daily events.
Call your doctor or health care provider if you have any unexplained memory loss.

Additional information is also available at MedlinePlus.

CLICK HERE for management tips

We have also 24 posts on Dementia, see under Labels in the next column.

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Dealing With Anxiety

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Anxiety can quickly spiral out of control and interfere with daily life.

But there are techniques that will allow you to regain control, the American Academy of Family Physicians says. The academy offers these suggestions:

  • Schedule 30 minutes each day to think about the things that are concerning you. Save your worry for those designated times. Think less about what will happen and concern yourself more with what's happening now.
  • Practice relaxation techniques such as muscle relaxation or deep breathing.
  • Get plenty of regular exercise and enough sleep.
  • Don't abuse drugs or drink alcohol.
  • Restrict or eliminate caffeine.
  • Deal with things that have caused you anxiety in the past. Start by visualizing how you will deal with these factors. Doing so will help you deal with them for real.
  • Talk about your fears with your doctor. He or she can help you devise a plan for how to better cope with your anxiety.

Click on the titles below for further reading:

1. Sleep Hygiene Tips

2. Stress.

3. Happiness Depends On You

For more inputs, simply type “Happiness” in the search box on the right column of this page. Also look up our posts labelled as "Celebrating the PRESENT"

Oral Sex Is Sex and Can Lead to Cancer

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CORRECTION : And HE yells at me for sucking my thumb!

Cancers of the mouth and oropharynx - the top of the throat - used to be mainly diagnosed in older men who drink or smoke.

A virus spread during oral sex is now the main cause of throat cancer in younger men., scientists have warned.

If you consider oral sex to be casual, socially acceptable, inconsequential, and significantly less risky to their health than "real" sex, think again.

Prof Maura Gillison of Ohio State University in Columbus warned that oral sex, like any unprotected sex, can result in transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as human papilloma virus (HPV).

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, HPV is conclusively implicated in the increasing incidence of young nonsmoking oral cancer patients.

HPV is the same virus identified as the causative agent in more than 90 percent of all cervical cancers. Based on recent data, it appears that in people under the age of 50, HPV-associated oral cancers may even be replacing tobacco as the primary causative agent in the initiation of the disease process.


American Association for the Advancement of Science news release of February 20, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do It Non-Orally!

Picture credit: http://i.livescience.com

Sizzling Non-Oral Sex Tips From France

We know what the French are really good at. Even though there are over 600 positions a couple can try in bed, the reality is that many of them require the agility, stamina and balance of professional athletes!

The good news, according to Eve Marx, is that two classic sex positions culled from the French require no special skills or athletic talent. Try them and see if they improve l’amour.!

The Flanquette Position, CLICK HERE for graphic which we are too shy to publish, asks partners to arrange themselves on the bed so that the woman lies on her side, facing her man with one of her legs between his; at the same time, one of his legs is between hers. This face to face position encourages kissing, nuzzling, and a lot of physical contact above the waist. Below the waist, however, there are also special benefits. Specifically extra pressure is directed on the woman’s clitoris because the man’s thigh is pressing against it. Maximal clitoral pleasure is from a recumbent posture is the advantage here; the Flanquette more is definitely a woman-pleasing position. Insertion and penetration isn’t even required if neither partner desires it. By the way, the French call any sexual friction activity that doesn’t include insertion of the penis, “frottage.”

The Cuissade Position, CLICK HERE, aw schucks, refers to any half-rear, half-side entry. And by “entry,” this includes penetration. In English, the word sounds a lot like the word “Cuisinart”! Cuissade is a low-impact, lazy position, best for long, leisurely, directionless lovemaking. This makes it ideal for couples who want the woman to be able to have a series of multiple orgasms, or for a man who can hold back from ejaculation for a very long time (or is not focused on ejaculation). Try this position on vacation or any time you’ve got plenty of time. How to do it? The man lies behind the woman in the spoon position where they are both lying on their sides. She must lift her leg or even rest her thigh on his. Slow thrusting is the way to do it. And don’t forget to breathe!

Good Luck, Have Fun....responsibly!

Happy Birthday Buddha*

As millions of people worldwide observe the 2,600 anniversary of Buddha’s enlightenment, United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon paid tribute to the spiritual leader’s teaching on the need for compassion and solidarity with those less fortunate.

Addressing the General Assembly today (16 May), Ban said that “Buddhism and the United Nations share the goals of peace, dignity and human rights for all people” adding that that is why, more than ten years ago, the General Assembly passed a resolution on recognizing Vesak Day.

The Secretary-General said that Buddha’s teachings “may be twenty-six centuries old, but they are as powerful as ever today.” He called on everyone to remember Buddha’s message of tolerance and respect for all religions.

* Vesak Day marks the birth, enlightenment and passing of the Buddha.

Green Tea and Tai Chi Enhance Bone Health and Reduce Inflammation in Postmenopausal Women

Picture credit : www.diseaseproof.com

The potential for green tea to work synergistically with tai chi in enhancing bone strength has been examined in a group of postmenopausal women. The results show that consumption of GTP and participation in tai chi independently enhanced markers of bone health.

Green tea is chock full of compounds called polyphenols known for their potent antioxidant activity. Dozens of epidemiological (observational) studies have shown that people who consume the highest levels of green tea polyphenols (GTP) tend to have lower risks of several chronic degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. These findings suggest that the mechanism behind this correlation may have to do with lowering chronic levels of inflammation.

In a recent research, Dr. Chwan-Li Shen of Texas Tech University and colleagues1 focused on postmenopausal women and investigated the potential for green tea to work synergistically with tai chi -- a traditional Chinese form of moderately intense aerobic fitness activity grounded in mind-body philosophy -- in enhancing bone strength.

Carried out as a double-blind, placebo-controlled, intervention trial (the "holy grail" of scientific studies), this experiment involved 171 postmenopausal women (mean age: ~57 y) who had weak bones but not full-fledged osteoporosis.

Subjects were divided into 4 groups:

- Placebo: starch pill (placebo) and no tai chi
- GTP: green tea polyphenols (500 mg/day)2 and no tai chi

- Placebo+TC: starch pill and tai chi (3 times/week)

- GTP+TC: green tea polyphenols and tai chi

The study lasted for 6 months, during which time blood and urine samples were collected and muscle strength assessed.

The results show that consumption of GTP (at a level equivalent to about 4-6 cups of steeped green tea daily) and participation in tai chi independently enhanced markers of bone health by 3 and 6 months, respectively. A similar effect was found for muscle strength at the 6-month time point. Participants taking tai chi classes also reported significant beneficial effects in quality of life in terms of improving their emotional and mental health. Perhaps most remarkable, however, was the substantial effect that both GTP and tai chi had on biological markers of oxidative stress. Because oxidative stress is a main precursor to inflammation, this finding suggests that green tea and tai chi may help reduce the underlying etiology of not only osteoporosis, but other inflammatory diseases as well.

Dr. Shen and colleagues concluded that there is a "favorable effect of modest green tea consumption on bone remodeling in this pre-osteoporotic population" and hope to soon complete a more long-term study utilizing more technically savvy measures of bone density.

(1) Green Tea, Tai Chi Enhance Bone Health, Reduce Inflammation in Postmenopausal Women, co-authored by Shen C, Chyu M, Yeh JK, Zhang Y, Pence B, Felton C, Brismee J, Dagda R, Doctolero S, Flores M, Wang J was presented as a poster at the Experimental Biology meetings on April 10, 2011.

(2) 500mg of GTP: green tea polyphenols is equivalent to about 4-6 cups of steeped green tea

Tai Chi For Beginners

The Tai Chi group that meets Tuesdays and Fridays at Hin Hua High School, Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, Klang welcomes beginners. Bilingual classes start at 8.30pm under the direction of Messrs Aw and Ng. No 'pyjamas' required; come in your most comfortable apparel .You can call our pharmacy on 03 31688469 for further details.

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Why Deprivation Doesn’t Work–And What Does

At some point in your life you’ve probably tried dieting, saving, quiting a bad habit, or stopping negative thoughts by using the “deprivation” approach. In other words, the “just say no” approach. If you’re like most people, this may have worked for a short while and then backfired. You may have rebounded to feel an even stronger urge to do what you tried not to do—be it eating junk food, spending excessively, smoking, or negative self-talk.

Deprivation is what you might call a “resistant strategy.” As noted above, it is based on saying “no” to something. What happens with saying no is that you are still associating with whatever you are saying no to. The behavior you are resisting is still just as much a part of your thinking, feeling, and action—just in a negative sense. When you resist something, it persists in your field of awareness. You keep it alive by fighting against it. You are still caught in the same chain of association, just on the other side of the equation.

If you really want something to go away, don’t focus on it positively or negatively. Instead, pay attention to something else.

This brings us to a different strategy—substitution. Substitution takes advantage of the power of association in a different way. It takes an existing pattern of thought, feeling, and behavior and shifts it. Rather than focusing on saying “no” to something, you say “yes” to something else. When you are triggered in a way that usually elicits a certain thought, feeling, or behavior, you consciously pair that with a new thought, feeling, or behavior. If you repeat that new association enough times and it has enough positive emotion associated with it, it will become your new response pattern in that situation.

For example, if you want to let go of excess weight and find yourself triggered to eat fast food whenever you pass by it on your way to work, find a new route that passes by an awesome place to get tea. Order the absolute best tea they have, something that tastes really good, that you really enjoy, and make that your new habit.

If tea doesn’t do it for you because you really want to chew something, maybe you can find the greatest tasting, xylitol sweetened gum and substitute that. Or maybe a crisp, sweet, organic apple will do it for you.

The secret is to find an attractive substitute that creates the effect you want in your life. Find something positive and enjoyable to say “yes” to, instead of trying to enforce a “no.” Here are some other suggestions to spur your own creativity.

If you want to stimulate your mind and inspire your soul, record your favorite TV show, fast forward through the commercials and use the extra time to read something that fascinates you. You’ve just substituted inspiring reading for watching commercials.

If you know you need to exercise, but can’t stand sitting or standing on a cardio-machine or lifting weights, substitute taking a hike with a friend in a beautiful environment.

If you can’t seem to get to sleep at night, instead of spending time tossing and turning, try substituting meditation during your “falling asleep time.” Meditation will shift you from your busy-mind, beta brainwaves down a notch to slower alpha brainwaves, which will lead you closer to a sleep state. It will also enable your mind to let go of the events of the day, so that, when you do sleep, it is more restful.

If you have a behavior you’d like to let go of, find a positive substitute that you look forward to and put that in its place.

By Kevin Schoeninger of The Mind-Body Training Company

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Uric Acid And Dementia

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Elevated Uric Acid Level May Forewarn Dementia Risks

Normal values for uric acid fall between 3.0 and 7.0 mg/dL.(1)

A high uric acid (UA) level may not cause problems. However, some people develop gout, kidney stones or kidney failure due to high uric acid levels. A high uric acid level may appear prior to the development of high blood pressure, heart disease or chronic kidney disease. But it's often unclear whether a high uric acid level is a direct cause or merely an early warning sign of these conditions.

A recent study (2) of 1,061 persons over 60 years of age (593 women and 468 men) suggests a positive association between high circulating levels of UA and dementia syndome which, at least in part, is independent of most cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and metabolic risk factors.

The authors, from the Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics, University of Perugia, Italy defined hyperuricemia as UA level of greater than 7.5 mg/dl in men and greater than 6.2 mg/dl in women. For statistical analysis, UA was divided into tertiles (3) according to the following cut-points: 4.6 and 5.6 mg/dl.

Persons with circulating UA levels in the highest tertile showed a threefold higher probability of being affected by a dementia syndrome. The probability of having dementia remained significantly higher independent of several confounders such as age, sex, education, BMI, smoking habit, total energy and alcohol consumption, vitamin E and cholesterol plasma levels, hypertension, renal function, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Persons with UA levels within the middle UA tertile showed a clear tendency to be affected by a dementia syndrome with about twofold higher probability.

The authors suggest that it would be worthwhile to perform clinical trials aimed at determining whether the pharmacological reduction in UA levels prevents the onset or delays the progression of dementia.

(1) Normal uric acid values may vary slightly from laboratory to laboratory. Click here for more on uric acid.

(2) Ruggiero C, Antonio Cherubini A, Lauretani F,Stefania Bandinelli S, Maggio M, Di Iorio A, Zuliani G, Dragonas C, Senin U, Ferruccih L. Uric Acid and Dementia in Community-Dwelling Older Persons. Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders. 2009 April; 27(4): 382–389. doi: 10.1159/000210040. Click here for the complete paper.

(3) A tertile is any of the two points that divide an ordered distribution into three parts, each containing a third of the values. Normal values for uric acid falling between 3.0 and 7.0 mg/dL., thus the cut-points of 4.6 and 5.6 mg/dl.

Why wait, you should take steps to reduce you UA level if it is on the high side.

Here’s What You Can Do To Control Your Uric Acid Levels.

Maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

Adjust your diet to prevent the onset of hyperuricemia. Avoid large amounts of foods containing a moderate concentration of purine, since they increase the amount of uric acid in the body and may trigger a gout attack. Low fructose intake is important as well. Click here for more on dieting.

Exercise regularly.

Develop a regular exercise routine. Try moderate-intensity exercise for at least 30 minutes most days of the week. Types of suggested exercise include:

  • Walking briskly
  • Mowing the lawn
  • Dancing
  • Swimming
  • Bicycling on level terrain

Be careful about strenuous exercise, since it may raise uric acid levels.

Work with your physician to develop an appropriate exercise program tailored to your body, lifestyle and needs. Always check with your physician before starting an exercise program.

Maintain a healthy body weight.

Increasing the intensity or the amount of time you are physically active is also beneficial to prevent weight gain. Obesity contributes to many chronic conditions, including hyperuricemia. Excess weight affects how the body metabolizes nutrients and waste products. Avoid rapid-weight loss diets and low-carbohydrate diets high in protein and fat, both of which can elevate uric acid levels.

Obesity is defined as a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher. Click here to calculate your BMI.

Stay hydrated.

Water is vital for transporting nutrients throughout the body and eliminating waste. Water also helps regulate body temperature and cushion joints and tissues. Many dietitians recommend consuming at least 2 liters of water daily, and more if you exercise, to avoid dehydration. Research also suggests that drinking adequate water might guard against excessive crystallization of uric acid and constipation. Some experts also believe that drinking water can help remove uric acid from the bloodstream.

Drink less alcohol, especially beer.

Consumption of alcohol, especially beer which is high in purines, can increase the amount of uric acid in your body. For men, who are most at risk for gout, it is suggested to limit consumption to no more than two drinks per day. Women over age 65 should limit their intake to one drink per day.

Furthermore, alcohol is diuretic. This means it encourages the body to lose more water than it takes on by halting the production of the body's anti-diuretic hormone. This speeds up the loss of fluid from your body, leading to dehydration.

The above is modified from resources of the Gout & Uric Acid Education Society

How Thieves Know There's A Laptop Hidden In Your Car

We were directed to this post in miszmimi's blog by Ah Yin and thought we should share it with you. Thanks Mimi and LWY!

"You conceal your laptop in the car from prying eyes and return to find it gone. Still wondering how the thieves knew? The mystery as to how thieves could single out vehicles for the laptops stored inside has been resolved with the arrest of two Indonesian men. The key to the mystery is this harmless-looking gadget called inductive amplifier.


This came to light after Selangor police arrested the two foreigners in an ambush at Kampung Changkat, Gombak. Police recovered the gadget and seized several laptops, custom-made break-in tools, handbags and watches among other items. The suspects are believed to be behind at least 20 cases of theft from cars.

An inductive amplifier, an electronic device similar to a handheld metal detector and as small as a hairbrush, is used to “sniff” out laptops kept in parked cars. The conventional use of the inductive amplifier is the location of breaks in hidden wires, even buried in concrete. The typical wire detection range in a concrete wall is 10-20 cm.

A check on eBay revealed that the inductive amplifier is priced about $60. This means anyone can easily purchase one and start a laptop stealing business.

After knowing about this, I would strongly reconsider putting my laptop in the car boot unattended ever again. My previous practice was to remove the battery from the laptop first before keeping the laptop in the boot. I thought that the laptop detector works by sensing live circuit in the laptop even though the laptop is not on. Now I know the laptop detector is actually inductive amplifier, which can be bought from electronic shop."

Zestz for LAUGHS : Little Ralphy

Picture credit: wwwdelivery.superstock.com

A teacher asks her class, 'If there are 5 birds sitting on a fence and you shoot one of them, how many will be left?'
She calls on little Ralphy.
He replies, 'None, they will all fly away with the first gunshot.'
The teacher replies, 'The correct answer is 4, but I like your thinking..'
Then little RALPHY says, 'I have a question for YOU.
There are 3 women sitting on a bench having ice cream:
One is delicately licking the sides of the triple scoop of ice cream.
The second is gobbling down the top and sucking the cone.
The third is biting off the top of the ice cream.
Which one is married?'
The teacher, blushing a great deal, replied, 'Well, I suppose the one that's gobbled down the top and sucked the cone.'
To which Little RALPHY replied, 'The correct answer is 'the one with the wedding ring on,' but I like your thinking.'

Little RALPHY returns from school and says he got an F in arithmetic.
'Why?' asks the father?
'The teacher asked 'How much is 2x3,'' I said '6', replies RALPHY.
'But that's right!' says his dad.
'Yeah, but then she asked me 'How much is 3x2?''
'What's the f...ing difference?' asks the father.
'That's what I said!'

Little RALPHY goes to school, and the teacher says, 'Today we are going to learn multi-syllable words, class.. Does anybody have an example of a multi-syllable word?'
RALPHY says 'Mas-tur-bate..'
Miss Rogers smiles and says, 'Wow, little RALPHY, that's a mouthful.'
Little RALPHY says, 'No, Miss Rogers, you're thinking of a blowjob.'

One day, during lessons on proper grammar, the teacher asked for a show of hands from those who could use the word 'beautiful' in the same sentence twice.
First, she called on little Suzie, who responded with, 'My father bought my mother a beautiful dress and she looked beautiful in it.'
'Very good, Suzie,' replied the teacher. She then called on little Michael.
'My mummy planned a beautiful banquet and it turned out beautifully.'
She said, 'Excellent, Michael!' Then the teacher reluctantly called on little RALPHY.
'Last night at the dinner table, my sister told my father that she was pregnant, and he said 'Beautiful, just f...ing beautiful!''

Little RALPHY was sitting on a park bench munching on one candy bar after another.
After the 6th one a man on the bench across from him said, 'Son, you know eating all that candy isn't good for you. It will give you acne, rot your teeth, and make you fat.'
Little RALPHY replied, 'My grandfather lived to be 107 years old.'
The man asked, 'Did your grandfather eat 6 candy bars at a time?'
Little RALPHY answered, 'No, he minded his own f...ing business.

Recommended by Chris, born 1948, author unknown (of these jokes, of course!)