Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Do It Non-Orally!

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Sizzling Non-Oral Sex Tips From France

We know what the French are really good at. Even though there are over 600 positions a couple can try in bed, the reality is that many of them require the agility, stamina and balance of professional athletes!

The good news, according to Eve Marx, is that two classic sex positions culled from the French require no special skills or athletic talent. Try them and see if they improve l’amour.!

The Flanquette Position, CLICK HERE for graphic which we are too shy to publish, asks partners to arrange themselves on the bed so that the woman lies on her side, facing her man with one of her legs between his; at the same time, one of his legs is between hers. This face to face position encourages kissing, nuzzling, and a lot of physical contact above the waist. Below the waist, however, there are also special benefits. Specifically extra pressure is directed on the woman’s clitoris because the man’s thigh is pressing against it. Maximal clitoral pleasure is from a recumbent posture is the advantage here; the Flanquette more is definitely a woman-pleasing position. Insertion and penetration isn’t even required if neither partner desires it. By the way, the French call any sexual friction activity that doesn’t include insertion of the penis, “frottage.”

The Cuissade Position, CLICK HERE, aw schucks, refers to any half-rear, half-side entry. And by “entry,” this includes penetration. In English, the word sounds a lot like the word “Cuisinart”! Cuissade is a low-impact, lazy position, best for long, leisurely, directionless lovemaking. This makes it ideal for couples who want the woman to be able to have a series of multiple orgasms, or for a man who can hold back from ejaculation for a very long time (or is not focused on ejaculation). Try this position on vacation or any time you’ve got plenty of time. How to do it? The man lies behind the woman in the spoon position where they are both lying on their sides. She must lift her leg or even rest her thigh on his. Slow thrusting is the way to do it. And don’t forget to breathe!

Good Luck, Have Fun....responsibly!

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