Thursday, June 6, 2013

Red Bean Army Semakin Gelisah

The Red Bean Army is Getting Increasingly Active!

The Utusan Malaysia on June 1, 2013 reported, "Pihak berkuasa diminta terus memantau pergerakan tentera siber pembangkang, Red Bean Army secara serius memandangkan kumpulan itu boleh mendatangkan ancaman kepada negara selain memecah-belahkan perpaduan dalam kalangan rakyat"

Crudely, it says, "The government is urged to continue seriously monitoring the movement of cyber troopers employed by the opposition in view of the threat they pose to the nation besides breaking the unity of the citizens."

Here's another possible news scoop for the sensational Utusan: 

I saw this advertisement in a restaurant in Klang which, I suspect, may be a cryptic recruitment poster for Chinese-literate cyber troopers to enlarge the Red Bean Army

The invitation is cleverly written in Chinese but the author of Niat Buruk Terbongkar who claimed to have uncovered a sinister plot to sinicize Malaysia within the next 10 years should be able to confirm this because of his unusual understanding of Mandarin.

He will be able to testify if indeed the Red Bean Army is trying to lure unsuspecting Malaysians with bundles of free (worth RM1.30 each!) but lard-laden Red Bean Chang.

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