Monday, October 21, 2013

Pre-iPhone Era Public Bench?

We flew into Sydney from Melbourne two Wednesdays ago and, immediately after checking into our 'harbour' hotel without out the harbour view, we went for a walk towards the iconic Sydney Bridge via the Circular Quay promenade.

As we approached the Museum of Contemporary Art, a lady rushed from the long concrete bench and pleaded to my wife, May, "you've small hands, could you please retrieve my iPhone from the narrow gap on the concrete bench".

We immediately empathized with her, having nearly left our own mobile behind in Tullamarine when it slipped out of my pocket as I slouched waiting for the delayed flight.

The narrow longitudinal gap which runs along the interface between the backrest and the seat of the concrete structure leads to a shallow gutter to drain water and litter. Unfortunately the depth of this 'shallow' gutter is bigger than the width of the iPhone and that was where the phone rested on its side after slipping out of the lady’s pocket.

May did her level best but just could not lift the mobile out with two tiny fingers. Then came my turn and with a rolled page from a tourist brochure as a prod and lever and, I must admit, with lots of male ego I squeezed my finger through the tiny gap and eased out the mobile.

Here's my 'battle scar' and the grateful ladies as proof of my ‘chivalry’.

The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority is nearing completion of a strategicframework for the future of Circular Quay, followed by further stakeholder and public consultation. You may want to input on the iPhone unfriendly public bench ;-)

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