Saturday, August 4, 2012

Widuri for Weight Management

I found a box of Cefamadar Tablets amongst the weight management products on the shelf.

Cefamadar contains standardisied extract of the root bark of Calotropis gigantea.

Calotropis gigantea is a weed plant commonly known as giant milk weed. The plant is belonging to
Apocynaceae family which includes latex bearing plants. It is native to Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and China. In India, the plant is common in the compounds of temples and is known as Madar. While in Indonesia its flowers is called widuri*.           

Calotropis gigantea is known for various medicinal properties in traditional medicinal system and use to cure a variety of diseases. 

In last few decades, Calotropis gigantea is extensively studied for its medicinal properties by advanced scientific techniques and a variety of bioactive compounds have been isolated from the different parts of the plant and were analysed pharmacologically.

The plant is reported for analgesic activity, antimicrobial activity, antioxidant activity, anti-pyretic activity, insecticidal activity, cytotoxicity activity, hepatoprotective activity, pregnancy interceptive properties, purgative properties, procoagulant activity and wound healing activity. The medicinal properties of this plant represent it as a valuable source of medicinal compound.

Cefamadar is manufactured in Germany by Ursapham Arzeimittel GmbH.

Cefamadar supports weight reduction in a gentle and natural way without any addictive potential, also in case of long-term therapy.

Cefamadar is suitable for diabetics (daily dosage: 3 x 1 tablet corresponds to a white bread exchange of 0.06).

Cefamadar reduces appetite, possibly by acting on the satiety center of the diencephalon and suppressing a desire for food.

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* Widuri is also the title of a song written by Slamet Aryadi . It is sung HERE by the late Broery Marantik [born Simon Domingus Pesolima in Ambon on July 14, 1944] and Dewi Yull.


Kumar G, Loganathan Karthik L, Rao KVB. A Review on Pharmacological and Phytochemical Profile of Calotropis Gigantea Linn. Pharmacologyonline 1: 1-8 (2011)

You can read the complete paper HERE

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