Friday, December 11, 2009


Surbex Zinc High-potency B-Complex with Zinc,Vitamin E and 750mg of Vitamin C Filmtab.


A high potency B-Complex plus 750mg Vitamin C for adults who are constantly under various types of stress such as metabolic stress, physical stress, stress due to infections etc.

Helps to reduce fatigue.

Zinc is important for wound healing.


  • 6 high potency B complex vitamins to help increase your energy levels and improves your stamina
  • 750mg of Vitamin C to boost body's defense system against infections
  • Additional Zinc content helps to prevent colds and hair loss, and promotes faster recovery from illnes
  • Contains 400mcg of folic acid to help lower the level of homocysteine, the newly proven risk factor of cardiovascular disease
  • Film-coated tablet to prevent vitamin odour and after taste, and for easy swallowing
  • Convenient once-a-day dosage
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