Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pope Condoms Translation Error

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A translation error about the Popes stance on condoms has forced an Italian publisher to withdraw a book for young Catholics.

The edition of the book YouCat was originally printed in Germany and includes a foreword by Pope Benedict XVI. But the Italian translation gives the idea that contraception is permitted for couples.

According to the Catholic News Agency, the German word "Empfngnisregelung" was translated in Italian to be "metodi anticoncezionali", or "contraceptive methods". The book posed a question with this phrase stating Can a Christian couple turn to contraceptive methods?" The response to that was "Yes, a Christian couple can and must be responsible about their capacity of being able to give life".

The translation error seems to endorse contraception, according to CNA.

The English edition of the book is closer to the original question. It reads, "May a Christian married couple regulate the number of children they have? Yes, a Christian married couple may and should be responsible in using the gift and privilege of transmitting life."

"The problem did not originate with the German text - at least not if the Italian translation is based on the same German text as that on which Ignatius Press based its translation. The German text of question 420 asks whether a Christian married couple may regulate the number of children they have. It does not ask whether the couple may use methods of contraception," said Mark Brumley, president of Ignatius Press, publisher of the American edition of the book. "The English translation of YouCat ... does not, of course, endorse contraception but clearly affirms the Church's teaching that contraception is evil."

The Catholic Church officially states that any type of intervention that prohibits procreation is wrong. However, it allows natural family planning.

The publisher has since crossed out the section and included an insert on family planning in the book

Source: ThirdAge.com April 18, 2011 9:29 AM

The Zestzfulness Team apologises for not carrying stocks of "I SAID NO!" condoms.......some of us are LaSallian alumni. ;-)

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