Wednesday, November 2, 2011

25 Ways to Make Time for Fitness

Too busy to work out? Doubtful.

The truth: Finding moments to move is entirely within your grasp.

We have excuses to avoid just about anything and exercise is certainly no exception.

If you want to exercise, you’ll make the time.

Experience Life team of reporters led by Gina DeMillo Wagner, interviewed psychologists, exercise scientists, celebrity trainers, authors and busy everyday people to get a handle on the 25 most promising strategies.

1. Make a plan.
2. Subdivide your to-do list
3. Find five minutes.
4. Limit screen time.
5. Be an active watcher.
6. Delegate like crazy.
7. Be motivated by money.
8. Think positive.
9. Be a hot date.
10. Do brisk business.
11. Socialize on the move.
12. Work it in.
13. Find a cheerleader.
14. Be yourself.
15. Bring the family.
16. Take your show on the road.
17. Hit “play.”
18. Rise and shine.
19. Ditch your drive.
20. Master the micro-workout.
21. Hit it hard.
22. Wear a pedometer.
23. Adopt a DIY mentality.
24. Work while you wait.
25. Phone it in.

It is certainly challenging to read all 25 strategies in one go but you need not have to do so. Just select any one or two to get you going. Come back for another couple, if the first two can’t get you started. And when you find exercise too boring or confusing, look up these strategies again to keep you motivated.

Experience Life magazine is a health and fitness publication that aims to empower people to live their best, most authentic lives, and challenges the conventions of hype, gimmicks and superficiality in favor of a discerning, whole-person perspective.

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