Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Woman's Poem

=Tamar left a comment on our post "A Woman's Poem":

It goes back a long way: This version was printed in Australia in 1917:

Northern Territory Times and Gazette (Darwin, NT : 1873 - 1927) Thursday 19 July 1917
[photo of the newspaper printing, page 34]


He criticised her puddings, and he
didn't like her cake;
He wished she'd make some biscuits
like his mother used to make;
She didn't wash the dishes
and she didn't make a stew,
And she didn't mend his stockings, as
his mother used to do.
Ah, well! She wasn't perfect, though
she tried to do her best
Until at length she thought her time
had come to have a rest;
So, when one day he went the same
old rigamarole all through,
She turned and boxed his ears, just
like his mother used to do!

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