Monday, September 23, 2013

Orange Juice Helps Fight Cancer

Drinking orange juice every day may help prevent cancer, new research has claimed.

Evidence from previous in vitro studies has indicated that orange juice can reduce the risk of leukaemia in children, as well as aid in chemo-prevention against mammary, hepatic, and colon cancers.

Orange juice has many potential positive effects when it comes to cancer, particularly because it is high in antioxidants from flavonoids such as hesperitin and naringinin, researchers said.

Their review article summarises several biological effects of orange juice that can contribute to chemo-prevention, including antioxidant, antimutagenic and antigenotoxic, cytoprotective, hormonal, and cell signalling modulating effects.

In addition, the antimicrobial and antiviral action of orange juice modulates the absorption of xenobiotics and  could contribute to chemo-prevention at every stage of cancer initiation and progression.

Biological effects of orange juice in vitro are largely influenced by the juice’s composition, which is dependent on physiological conditions of the oranges such as climate, soil, fruit maturation, and storage methods post-harvest.

The amount consumed will also need clarification.

The researchers acknowledge potential toxicity from orange juice if consumed in excess amounts - especially for children, hypertensive, kidney-compromised, and diabetics.

Excessive drinking of orange juice for individuals from these groups has the potential to create noxious effects, hyperkalemia, and has been associated with both food allergies and bacterial outbreaks in cases where the juice was unpasteurised.

"Excessive intake of any food, even for the healthiest, can lead to oxidative status imbalance," researchers said.

Researchers said further research is highly recommended to determine the biological connection between orange juice and cancer chemo-prevention.


The above story is based on the September 13, 2013 news release by Taylor & Francis.

The findings are reported in the journal Nutrition and Cancer:
Franke SIR, Guecheva TN, Henriques JAP, PrĂ¡ D. Orange Juice and Cancer Chemoprevention. Nutr  Cancer, 2013; : 130806112113004

Click HERE to download the complete paper.


According to the non-profit organization,, cancer can be prevented by including more plant-based foods vegetables (broccoli, spinach, corn, peas, tomatoes, sprouts, potatoes) nuts, grains, beans and fruits (apples, grapes,pears, bananas, berries, mango, citrus fruits, apricot) to the diet as they are less in fat, more in fiber and cancer-fighting nutrients.

They also recommend the public to avoid processed foods, add more fiber to the diet and lower fat intake, particularly meat products. Eating fish, replacing vegetable oil with olive oil, restricting fast food, packaged or fried food are some other effective methods that help prevent cancer.

Apart from these, flaxseed, soy, ginger, garlic, sweet potato, green tea, turmeric, basil, rosemary, raisins, prunes and raisins are some of the other cancer-fighting foods.

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