Tuesday, September 17, 2013

To Sit or To Squat: That Is The Question

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......Wai Yin asks.

Medical Facts 

Influence of Body Position on Defecation in Humans
Summary: This medical study compares three positions for defecation by measuring abdominal pressure and the anorectal angle simultaneously. It concludes that the greater the hip flexion achieved by squatting, the straighter the rectoanal canal will be, and accordingly, less strain will be required for defecation.

Impact Of Ethnic Habits On Defecographic Measurements
Summary: The main goal of this study was to compare Iranian and European habits of bowel evacuation on defecographic measurements. Patients were instructed to defecate using two types of toilet: an unraised, ground-level style (common in Iran), and a bowl with attached tank style (common in Western countries). It concluded that the use of the Iranian-style toilet yielded a much wider anorectal angle, and a larger distance between the perineum and the horizontal plane of the pelvic floor than the European style. Bowel evacuation was also more complete using the Iranian-style toilet.

Comparison of Straining During Defecation in Three Positions
Summary: The aim of this study was to compare the straining forces applied when sitting or squatting during defecation. The study confirmed that sensation of satisfactory bowel emptying in sitting defecation posture necessitates excessive expulsive effort compared to the squatting posture.

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This is the ideal squatting posture - natural, relaxed.

Unfortunately, almost all new homes in Malaysia are equipped with the modern sitting toilets.

Change tothe Squat Toilet or go get the Squatty Potty

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