Thursday, October 20, 2011

Deng Shen Khoo

I lost my 11year old grand nephew, Khoo Deng Shen, yesterday morning to undifferentiated sarcoma of the psoas and iliacus.

Sarcomas are cancers that begin in the body's connective tissues. They are often divided into two groups. One group is bone cancer which begins in the hard part of the bone. The other group is soft tissue sarcomas which start in muscles, fat, fibrous tissue, blood vessels, nerves, or other supportive tissues of the body. You can get further information on sarcoma at the Cincinnati Chlidren's.

Undifferentiated sarcoma is a very rare childhood cancer. When he walked with a limp after a fall during a tug-of-war exercise in July this year, doctors at two private medical centers in Petaling Jaya separately misdiagnosed it as psoas hematoma, a collection of blood that has seeped into the psoas muscle.

The five-year event-free and overall survival (EFS and OS) rates were 54% and 74%, respectively. Deng Shen could have had a good fighting chance had careful diagnosis been made and appropriate therapy promptly initiated

Deng Shen was a brave boy till the end, caring for the welfare of his family, care-givers and visitors. Not told of the inevitable, he sensed it and accepted it and even recorded a farewell message on his mobile for his parents and his 8 year old sister.

Deng Shen, you inspire us.

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  1. I am so sorry. Our prayers for you and your family and his parents and sister hon. We could learn a lot from the youth of today. They know when going into the Lord's hands there is nothing to fear.