Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Malaysia's Education Disaster - time for change


 “Whether it is in primary, secondary or tertiary education, the rot is clear. Half literate primary school products that cannot write or speak properly in either English or Bahasa and drop out early; secondary students with abysmal standards in Mathematics, Science and other core subjects; tertiary students who are provided with university degrees but in fact are unemployable except in the civil service.

…. This is the result of the politicisation of the educational system….”

Koon Yew Yin, 79 of Ipoh, Perak is a retired Chartered Civil Engineer and one of the founders of IJM Corporation Bhd and Gamuda Bhd. Mr. Koon was a former member of the Board of Engineers for 3 terms and a committee member in SIRIM for the drafting of the Malaysian Standards for Cement and Concrete.  He was Secretary General of the Master Builders Association, Malaysia for 9 years.  He  is also well known for his philanthropic activities benefiting young students and various charitable organizations.

Mr Koon writes profusely on what he sees is wrong in our country. Click HERE for a selection of 44 articles from the library of the Centre for Policy Initiatives. 

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