Friday, March 8, 2013

25 simple steps to help prevent Alzheimer'


It’s amazing how my old friend, Wai Yin, always remembers me whenever he has a ‘dirty’ joke to share. Here’s his secret:

25 simple steps to help prevent Alzheimer'

Alzheimer’s strikes fear in all of us. The thought of losing your mind as you grow older is terrifying and made worse by the fact that, before now, there appeared to be little we could do to slow down or avoid Alzheimer’s, the most common form of dementia.

1 Check out your ankle

2 Eat anti-oxidant-rich foods

3 Beware of bad fats

4 Grow a bigger brain

5 Treat yourself to chocolate

6 Know the oestrogen evidence

7 Raise your good cholesterol

8 Google something

9 Know about the ApoE4 gene

10 Say yes to coffee

11 Beware of being underweight

12 Drink wine, preferably red

13 Know the early signs of Alzheimer’s

14 Make your diet Mediterranean

15 Watch middle age obesity

16 Get a good night’s sleep

17 Have a big social circle

18 Learn to deal with stress

19 Take care of your teeth

20 Get enough Vitamin B12

21 Vinegar in everything

22 Have your eyes checked

23 Eat curry

24 Prevent and control diabetes

25 Drink more tea (preferably teh-o-kosong)

Click HERE for more information on each of these tips from the Mirror, UK

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