Monday, December 20, 2010

Advertorial - Essentiale N Forte

Essentiale Forte N has been developed to help improve liver function naturally.

Essentiale Forte N contains essential phospholipids derived from soya beans to

  • promote cell membrane regeneration
  • reactivate different enzyme systems and receptors
  • increase the detoxification ability of the liver
  • and through these mechanism normalize liver function.

Essentiale Forte N is used therapeutically as a nutritional support in the management of damaged liver (due to chronic liver disease, liver cirrhosis, fatty liver and intoxication by hepatotoxic substances including alcohol).

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  1. Essentiale Forte N natural supplements work by improving the deficiency of phospholipids, promotes cell membrane regeneration, reactivates different enzyme systems and receptors, increases the detoxification ability of the liver and through that mechanism normalizes liver function.