Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Garden of Eden

We featured Cel-Tyx in our last post.

Today, we are happy to introduce to you the innovator's formulations. Garden of Eden Natural E, Rosa E and Rosa T and the Garden of Eden Scar Serum were carefully blended by a senior pharmacist with vast experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing, Mr Chew Soon Keong.

Here's a testimonial from another very satisfied user of Garden of Eden Scar Serum:

I was at a pharmacy the other day and I was looking for a treatment oil/serum for my scars, accumulated through insect bites. I came across Trilogy Rosehip Oil, which I have heard good raves about it but chose Garden of Eden Natur E Scar Serum instead. It is said to be -100% Natural Plant Extracts, a concentrated natural vitamin E, which is rich in antioxidants and skin nutrients that protect the skin from free radical damage and effectively accelerate skin renewal and repair.

1) Reduces skin inflammation
2) Repairs and reduces scars
3) Moisturises & smoothens out dry and cracked skin.

Ingredients: 12000iu Natural Vitamin E ( d-alpha tocopherol ), Medium-chain Triglycerides and Isopropyl Myristate.
Recommended by professionals for treating: Post surgical scars, chickenpox marks, acne scars, burns, scalds, keloids and sunburn.

Stated on the packaging no mineral oils, no animal derivatives, no alcohol, no SLS, no artificial colour or fragrance, no preservatives. I am glad to see the manufacuring and expiry date as I wanted to check how long the product has been sitting at the store. Glad to know this product is only 2 months old.

My experience:
This serum comes in a deep brown bottle, with a dropper. Serum is light in consistency and colour is a little orangey. I was rather concerned to put oil onto my skin as I really dislike my skin being sticky. To my surprise, absorption was rather good and I don't feel greasy. I was rather generous to myself, using 2-3 drops for my arms and 6-7 drops for my leg. In addition to that, I use a drop and dissiminate to some of my 'more serious insect scars' for maximum results. After a minute or two, I love how my skin is hydrated! I sleep in an air conditioning room and the next morning, my skin feels soft, smooth and moisturised. I love that this oil is fragrance free too.
I started using this serum for 2 days and I will do a full result review in a couple of months time, just to show you the if there are any improvements.

PS. We hope you are not distracted by those boxes of Durex which we used to position the Garden of Eden products for the photo shoot. If you are interested in one of those, simply pick it up and pay at the counter. Our girls know how to handle the matter discretely. ;-)

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