Saturday, May 26, 2012

Furthering Australia-Malaysia Relations

Picture: Jane Dempster  Source: The Sunday Telegraph 

Australia has a Malaysian-born Finance Minister in Penelope "Penny" Ying-yen Wong.

And now, we celebrate the union of former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's son, Nicholas Rudd (25) and Zara Shafruddin (26) at St James Church on April 16, 2012. The newlyweds, both lawyers, work at international law firm Clayton Utz in Sydney.

Who is Zara?

According to one Anonymous in Farah Rahim’s blog, Zara Shafruddin is the daughter of Associate Prof Dr. Shafruddin Hashim (Malaysian citizen from Negeri Sembilan) and Diane Sadler (Australian citizen). She went to Jerudong International School (Brunei) when her father worked in Brunei. They have since left Brunei and now live in Australia.

Congratulations to Nick and Zara. May all your troubles be little ones.

Surprise yourselves with some Malaysian reactions to this union HERE


  1. There is too much noise made out of this union, there is no reason to gloat over the fact that she, because she is a Muslim and married in a Church is a defeat to any religion (most articles on this marriage seem to imply that especially in Malaysia.
    It is actually allowed in Qur'an the marriage of Muslims to people of the Book and that is the case here.
    Let them rejoice their Union without the glaring limelight they have been put into for the wrong reasons, may Allah Bless them and the union.
    For Christians it is very un-Christian if it is they who are making noise about this, I chose this blog to share my views because it seems to be the only blog that has given just a plain report of the marriage.

  2. And there is no wrong to tie the knot in the mosque either. So why dont they?

  3. She loves now but not hereafter....