Saturday, January 29, 2011

Advertorial: Kill germs…keep healthy?

Cough, cough, splutter splutter…aaaachoo! Some days it seems you’re fighting a losing battle in the germ warfare. Especially at home with young kids who haven’t quite got the hang of covering their mouths!

But there’s no need to resort to surface sprays packed with dubious chemicals when there’s a perfect natural weapon - Eucalyptus Spray.

Eucalyptus Spray kills germs, with the pure, natural power of Eucalyptus Oil. That’s right, eucalyptus oil!

Eucalyptus Spray is a breath of fresh air as it kills germs in rooms and on surfaces, with no harmful chemicals to irritate sensitive noses.

Spray around the home or office to remove odours and help keep the air hygienic, while enjoying the long-lasting aroma of the Australian bush.

Cringe no more when sneezy fingers touch – a quick wipe over with Eucalyptus Spray on telephone handsets, kitchen surfaces, remotes, even toys, will eradicate germs so you can breathe easy.

Use the Spray to whisk grime off kitchen benches, cupboards, dirty walls and bathroom vanities. Spray over stinky bins or pet areas; it neutralises odours like nothing else.

The poor old carpets can be a magnet for muddy boots, dropped toast and pet stains. Eucalyptus Spray can help lift dirt, grease and grime from carpets leaving them dry and ready for use. (Try it on clothing stains too – it’s a fantiastic natural pre-wash).

Kids sneezy? Easy! Spray around soft furnishings and children’s toys to help keep dust mites at bay…eucalyptus oil is a natural mite killer.

This winter arm yourself with nature’s best germ-fighting weapon and be '99.99%' more confident your family stays healthy.

Eucalyptus Spray is available at a recommended retail price of RM21.95

Source : Felton Grimwade & Bosisto's

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