Saturday, July 30, 2011

Laurel’s 5 Surprising Pimple Remedies

Adult Acne Is More Common Than You Think!

Skin problems afflict almost everyone growing up, but some never outgrow it.

Laurel House of Planet Green offers the following simple emergency remedies :

Use the non-gel kind. Squeeze a little dab of it onto a clean finger and apply to the pimple. Since toothpaste dries overnight, it reduces inflammation in your pimple, allowing the swelling to go down. It also pulls pus out from the pimple.

Baking Soda
A paste made of baking soda and water offers the same benefits of toothpaste and is a great alternative if you just don’t feel look putting something sticky and minty on your skin. Allow the baking soda paste to stay on your skin overnight to fully dry out the pimple.

White Vinegar

There is a reason many face wash products smell so bitter—acid. The acidity of white vinegar can actually dissolve pus within a zit. Since it’s the pus that causes the pimple to be swollen, the pimple will reduce in size once the pus is pulled out. Put a little bit onto a cotton swap and pat it on the pimple.

You put an icepack on an injury to reduce inflammation. Well, consider that pimple an injury. And it is one to your ego, right? Rub an ice cube over any puffy or red areas of your skin to reduce inflammation.

Really any product meant to reduce redness in your eyes will work. These products restrict blood vessels, pulling blood away from the surface and taking away color. Eye-drop products can do the same for a pimple.

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GET REAL! If you don’t want a pimple be an unwanted accessory to that hair and makeup you’ve worked so hard on, we suggest you talk to our pharmacist today about targeted treatment from the T3 range of prescription acne products.

No, not this....

T3 Mycin is a calming gel containing an antiacne antibiotic, clindamycin phosphate

Clindamycin phosphate prevents the bacteria of acne Propionebacterium from forming cell walls which destabalises it and kills it off. This super acne fighter also prevents the spread of the infection. It also kills the bacteria that feeds on sebum that causes acne, preventing the spread of existing spots.

Other acne care products in the T3 range include a bactericidal Body Spray, Body Wash, Acne Scar Serum and an Acne Whitening Facial Foam.

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