Monday, March 1, 2010

Coffee Drinking and Sexual Desire

Q: Perhaps my question is ridiculous, but is it possible that drinking a cup of coffee a day stimulates sexual desire? I am a 60-year-old female.

A: The consumption of at least one cup of coffee per day was significantly associated with a higher prevalence of sexual activity in women and with a higher potency rate in men. Ananias C. Diokno, Morton B. Brown and A. Regula Herzog showed that of 185 women who drank coffee, 62% reported that they engaged in sexual activity, while only 37.5% of 40 women who did not drink coffee engaged in sexual activity. It is believed the coffee raised the blood pressure going to the penile arteries.

Sex is important to elderly. Even among the 70–80-year-olds, an intact sexual desire, erection and orgasm are common and it is considered important to preserve them.

Diokno AC, Brown MB, Herzog AR. Sexual Function in the Elderly. Arch Intern Med. 1990;150(1):197-200.

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