Saturday, March 6, 2010

Zestz JAZZ

Tan Soo Suan is the resident soprano of Dama Orchestra. She was awarded the title of national grand champion of classical singing in Malaysia in 1998 after winning the competition for three consecutive years.

Her debut solo concert series The Songs in Me with Dama Orchestra in 2000-2001 were sold out throughout the country. Since then, she has been invited to perform in Hongkong, China, Taiwan and Canada.

Tan's stage performances with Dama includes Liu Yun: Portrait of a Songstress, In the Imperial Garden, Fragrance of the Night, Spring Kisses Lover's Tears, A Musical Sojourn, Unforgettable, Love without End, Memories and Le Cabaret Shanghai

CLICK HERE to listen to her rendition of 欢乐今宵 Enjoy the Night (LE CABARET SHANGHAI ) with the Dama Orchestra.

She had studied with well-known Malaysian soprano Madam Tung and later with soprano Rosemary Barnes in Auckland, New Zealand. Besides performing, Tan gives vocal lessons.

A recipient of the 2004 Boh Cameronian Arts Award for Best Solo Performance (Voice), she has two recordings to her credit - Memories DVD and Fragrance of the Night CD.


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