Saturday, March 20, 2010

Zestz JAZZ presents Prema Yin

Prema Yin is no stranger to the music industry in Malaysia. Having launched her EP, “Eyo Eyo” in August 2009, she has thus received great reviews from the local media. The press has dubbed her as the upcoming “Rock Princess” of Malaysia.

She was the winner for NTV7’s Malaysian Topstar in 2004. The singer/songwriter has performed in big festivals like Sunburst Festival, Sunrise Jazz Festival, Sarawak Rainforest Festival as well as overseas (China for the Zhu Jia Jia Water Village Festival, Singapore Arts Festival). Prema Yin was interviewed on BFM 89.9 yesterday.

CLICK HERE for “Eyo Eyo” on youtube

Composer: Prema Yin; Lyricist: TINTA

“This song was written because I loved latin music, and what could be better than combining latin and rock together, two of my favorite style of music? Plus, have fun doing it! ;) I must say, I am satisfied with the outcome, and thanks to TINTA’s lovely lyrics, it gave the song the edge it needed. It has the attitude and fun all merged in one. Something that I can definitely relate too! YEAH!”

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