Saturday, June 9, 2012

Second-Hand Smoke Affects Bladder Function in Children


According to the AmericanEnvironmental Protection Agency, parents are responsible for 90 percent of children’s exposure to environmental (second-hand) tobacco smoke. Children with mothers who smoke are at even higher-risk for developing health disorders.

Smoking is associated with the development of bladder cancer in adults.

Now, a presentation at the American Urological Association Annual Meeting has shown that second-hand cigarette smoke is associated with moderate to severe irritative bladder symptoms in children.

The study included children aged 4 through 17 who sought care of a pediatric urologist for irritative bladder storage symptoms including urinary urgency, increased urinary frequency and incontinence. 28 percent of children in the study were exposed to environmental tobacco smoke. More than half of the children in the study had moderate to severe symptoms, 50 percent of which were exposed to cigarette smoke within a car and 23 percent of which had mothers who smoked.

The presentation noted that symptom severity increased with greater exposure to second-hand smoke; in children aged 4 through 10, the increase in severe urinary symptoms was significant.

“Cigarette smoke is an environmental toxin and dangerous to children’s health – particularly hazardous to very young and pre-pubescent children,” said Joseph G. Barone, associate professor of surgery at UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and surgeon-in-chief of Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

“Parents should make a concerted effort to reduce their child’s exposure to smoke in confined places, especially in the home and in cars. Quitting smoking is the healthiest option for children.”


The above story is based on the June 7, 2012 news release by Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

The research was presented by Kelly Johnson at the American Urological Association Annual Meeting on May 20, 2012: 597. The Pediatric Bladder Is Not Immune to the Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke. Johnson K, Zhao P, Schneider D, Barone J

Click HERE for the abstract.

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  1. How do you prove anything with no toxicology to back up your claims! Please provide the pathway that proves this!

    Of course they wont,its a junk science observational study just like every single second hand smoke study out there! Science isnt making claims,science is about proving claims thru the biological process of the microscope and there are no studies that use this in tobacco control! Its all PROPAGANDA!