Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Self-Service" Stations

This is the scene in a petrol station off the M1 in Melbourne with 13 cars and no attendants in sight. There were only two employees manning the cash registers (over there you pump first and pay later, reflecting the maturity of the citizens)

Contrast this with this picture from our report “Redundantforeign workers at petrol pumps” depicting the scene at a petrol station off the Federal Highway Route 2 (FHR2).

Speaking of the federal highway, do you know that more than 250,000 vehicles pass through each of the two toll booths along FHR2 every day and generate RM520 million in revenue annually for PLUS?

By upgrading an existing expressway in 1993, at a cost estimated to be less than RM400 million, PLUS was rewarded with a concession that runs until 2038 complete with generous compensations should toll be abolished or a competing road be built.(Source: The Edge of May 23, 2012)

Wow, our welfare is really being well taken care of!

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