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Swept Away - Shellie Morris live

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Shellie Morris is an Australian (Aboriginal)* indigenous singer/songwriter who plays a mix of contemporary folk music and contemporary acoustic ballads. Adopted out at birth,
she has traced her roots back to a Wardaman (Katherine-area) grandfather remembered for his skills with guitar and voice, and a Yanyuwa (Borroloola-area) grandmother She did not rediscover her family – traditional owners in Kakadu – until she was a young woman.

Shellie Morris spends much of her time on the road and taking her powerful voice and rootsy music to far away places; she is as comfortable on the stages of international arts festivals in Melbourne and London, as she is playing to communities on the bush stages of the remote Australia.

As an ambassador for The Fred Hollows Foundation, she works with Indigenous communities and youth throughout Australia, helping young people write music about their experiences. 

More information on Shellie can be found HERE

From  ‘Swept Away’

Nothing ever added up without you
The rubbish just heaped up without you
And I'm so swept away with your love
My love
The pieces have been picked up because of you
The puzzles been linked up because of you
And I'm so swept away with your love
My love
The grass looks greener because of you
The breeze smells sweeter because of you
And I'm so swept away with your love

“Swept Away” is available in Shellie’s “Waiting Road' album together with 10 of her other compositions. You can buy a MP3 version of the “Waiting Road” HERE


* Australian Aboriginal Identity: Who is 'Aboriginal'?

It is not easy to define Aboriginal identity. People who identify themselves as 'Aboriginal' range from dark-skinned, broad-nosed to blonde-haired, blue-eyed people, very much to the surprise of non-Indigenous people.

Aboriginal people define Aboriginality not by skin colour but by relationships.

More information on Australian Aboriginal can be found HERE.

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