Friday, June 18, 2010

Glycerin in Ezerra

Glycerin, derived from Malaysian palm oil, is found in HOE Pharma’s EZERRA Cream and EZERRA Extra Gentle Cleanser.

Ezerra is recommended by paediatricians to Treat, Moisturise, and Treat and Moisturise simultaneously sensitive skin, especially in atopic dermatitis.

Stimutex AS is the main active ingredient in both the cream and the cleanser for its rapid anti pruritic and anti inflammatory actions. The presence of glycerin is a healthy bonus.

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  1. Glycerin has many applications. Some common applications are arts & crafts, e-cig, tobacco flavorings, commercial sprinkler systems antifreeze, peristaltic pump lubricant, bubble making, worm farm food, synthetic ice making, cosmetic, antifreeze, and sweetener substitute.